Muras Conference Hall

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Equipment of the hall:

  • Screen

    Motorized screen (with remote control) Deluxe DLS-ERC350x270W, ceiling, Work surface 342x262, 16:9, Matt white. Flipchart and magnetic boards with all accessories are also available on request.

  • Projector

    Epson EB-W06

    • Type: stationary
    • Technology: LCD x3
    • Purpose: for home theater
    • Projector Resolution: 1280x700
    • Image aspect ratio: 16:9
    • Widescreen: Yes
    • HDTV HDMI Support: Yes
    • Contrast ratio 16000:1
    • Luminous flux 3700 lumens
  • Laptop

    An Acer laptop + a 32GB USB flash drive is provided

  • Microphones

    There are two wireless dynamic vocal Shure microphones with racks holders and sanitary sponges, there is also a choice of microphones headset and buttonhole.

  • Amplifier

    For professional support of the speaker system and microphones, the hall is equipped with a mixer with a cable for adjusting the volume of sound and voice.;

  • Columns

    There is a wall-mounted speaker system YAMAHA White

  • Floor sockets

    There are also floor sockets in the hall for the convenience of participants to connect laptops and other devices

  • Universal socket

    A universal socket is installed at the trainer station where AUX can be connected. HDMI, USB, UTP cables also have a 220W socket

  • Clicker

    For the convenience of presentations, the Logitech R800 laser clicker is connected to the projector remotely

  • Ventilation system

    The rooms are equipped with a ceiling system of supply and exhaust ventilation with the function of heating the air at a cool temperature

  • Reverse lighting

    The lighting in the hall is reversible, the lighting areas can be selected for the event

  • Internet

    There is high-speed Wi-Fi (UniFi) in the hall, so it is possible to connect cable Internet

Capacity of participants:

  • with theater seating - 60-70 people;
  • with U-shaped seating - 35-45 people;
  • when seating "school desk" - 40-50 people.

Hall area - 86 sq.m.